Real Time Locating System

May 28th, 2011 • productsComments Off on Real Time Locating System

Create your RTLS solution with our hardware.

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Wi-Fi Data Logger

September 22nd, 2011 • News, productsComments Off on Wi-Fi Data Logger

A new product join the A-TAG3 family.

A-TAG3 Data Logger will have sensors for Temperature and Relative Humidity with high precision, individually calibrated and tested.


Ventilated Potatoes Storage system

July 28th, 2010 • productsComments Off on Ventilated Potatoes Storage system

Computerized and efficient ventilation of Potatoes during storage
In more than 15 years we experienced in project and build computer automated system for the potatoes storage.During the initial stages of potato storage, good air circulation is critical to remove field heat, to provide adequate oxygen for the cicatrisation process, and to help dry out wet potatoes. Once the cicatrisation period finish, air circulation is used to maintain desired temperatures in storage, continue to dry out diseased potatoes, and to remove carbon dioxide build-up.
Our solution optimize energy costs using computerized ventilation and reduced use of refrigerator.
Ventilation is the most important factor for maintaining correct temperature, relative humidity, and air quality in the storage. It is also essential for managing potential storage problems caused by disease or frost. The solution can be used also for others crops.